Guest Apartments

In the Talia Apartments there are several guest apartments intended mostly for visiting faculty and guests of the university. M.A students who wish to stay in the guest apartments should notify the rent coordinator a week in advance. M.A students are assigned three rooms apartment, based solely on the availability of space. The guest apartments include a kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom, and they are fully furnished. The kitchen includes a refrigerator, stove, electric kettle, microwave, dishes and utensils. The living room includes a Television with cable. Some apartments are intended for couples and other apartments are intended for two individuals.

The guest apartments have air conditioning and heat. There is the possibility to install a telephone; payment for phone calls is the responsibility of the guest. There is also the possibility for internet connection. The apartments are cleaned twice a week, including fresh linens.

Reservation for a guest apartment can be made either through the hosting department on campus or directly via the following link

Request form

The following are the fees for the guest apartments :

Type of guests

Monthly fee

Nightly fee (up through 14 days)

Single in single room (three rooms apartment)



Single in single room

(two rooms apartment)



Single in double room



Couple in double room






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