Jewish-Arab Community Leadership Program


The Jewish-Arab Community Leadership Program is a unique joint program for Jewish and Arab students studying at the University of Haifa in all Faculties and Departments.  The main objective of the program is to facilitate dialogue and multicultural social interaction between the Jewish and Arab students.

The program is generously sponsored by the German Friends Association of the University of Haifa and other foundations.

Objectives of the Program:

- Develop intercultural awareness through experience based on individual and group learning processes.

- Development and examination of the cultural and personal identity in a multicultural society.

- Providing theoretical and practical tools for effective interpersonal communications, joint projects and community leadership in a diverse and multicultural environment.

- Development of reflective and critical thinking of perceptions and ideas to do with cultural identity and the social order in Israel.

Components of the Program:

- A training program titled "Intercultural Leadership Workshop" - a year-long academic course for 4 academic credits dealing with the development of intercultural leadership among Jewish and Arab students.

- Community activities: these activities take place in the campus dormitories and community institutions in Haifa neighborhoods.  The activities take place for 4 hours on a weekly basis (100 yearly hours).

- Participation in the program entitles the students to receive a NIS 8,000 scholarship.

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