Community Service Scholarships

Volunteer and be eligible for a scholarshipVolunteer and be eligible for a scholarship. Sounds great, right? Below is a list of programs and projects for which you can volunteer and earn a scholarship.

Please note: Students must register and coordinate their activities directly with the program/project.

Programs in the The Unit for Social Engagement (Dean of students)

Social responsibility is one of three pillars of academia and a driving force behind the University of Haifa’s philosophy. The Social Involvement Unit develops and coordinates projects which encourage students’ activism and foster community service and outreach. It aims to enrich our students’ university experience and empower them to believe in their ability to impact the society in which they live.

Our diverse activities, which span throughout the greater Haifa area, provide students with the tools and opportunities to bring about impactful social change. Our projects involve working with diverse populations, promoting multi-cultural and inter-faith dialogue, empowering disadvantaged communities, and identifying social challenges that can benefit from our student’s creative spirits and enthusiasm for advocacy. We strive to provide students with a positive experience engaging in community and social outreach with the aim of cultivating a lifelong passion for social engagement, advocacy, and service. Our students’ social activities focus on the Sustainable Development Goals specified by the U.N.: among them Goal 4: Quality Education provided by our tutorial programs in which our students work in schools of impoverished communities; Goal 5: Gender Equality being the focus of program such as Introduction to Politics and Activism for Young Women; Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities dealt with programs in which our students work to empower and assist women and children from ethnic and social minorities to pursue higher education, gain better career opportunities and a better life; Goal 16: Peace and Justice is the focus of our Arab-Jewish Leadership program which works in the community and on campus to encourage inter-faith and multi-cultural dialogue.

For their activities, which span 120-140 hours a year, the students receive a tuition scholarship of 8,000-10,000 NIS.

Project Perspective


Student Village in Hadar

Community service in the Torani group in Hadar

Educating for Excellence 

Likratch- A Step Forward for Women

 Kan Garim- Living and Volunteering with Senior Citizens

SAHLAV- Students in Schools and Preschools