Excellence scholarships

Excellence scholarships for outstanding students from the Office of the Dean of Students are given only to undergraduates.

Eligibility for the excellence scholarship is contingent on meeting basic criteria and academic achievements regardless of the student’s financial/family situation.

Eligibility is identified by the university and students are informed by the Scholarship Department during the first semester.

Students with high academic achievements not identified as candidates may contact the Scholarship Department to clarify or appeal their exclusion. An appeal regarding ineligibility must be submitted by the end of the first semester.

Receipt of the scholarship is contingent on community service of 25 hours per year.

(Exemptions from community service: Students in therapeutic departments in the Welfare and Health Sciences Faculty for every year in which they do practical work/fieldwork studies as part of their departments’ curricula.)

Basic eligibility criteria:

  • Being in good standing in the undergraduate program (when checking a student’s standing, all years that scholarship winners are registered as undergraduates at the University of Haifa will be taken into account, even if the student switched majors)
  • Student status of “regular student” (students in their freshman year who are either new immigrants with fewer than 10 years in Israel or members of a minority who were accepted conditionally because of the Hebrew language proficiency exam will, for this purpose, be considered “regular students”).
  • Course load: registered over the year for courses worth 30 credits (except for students in structured programs with a course load set by their departments where registration cannot exceed 75% of full-time studies of the structured curriculum).

Note: Students who do not meet any one of these criteria will be rejected.