Financial aid scholarships

Financial Aid Scholarships from the Office of the Dean of Students

Scholarship from the Office of the Dean of Students is determined by a student’s socioeconomic score and academic situation.

Other financial aid scholarships

There is a wide array of financial aid scholarships available to discharged service men and women, minorities, faculties, single mothers, and students of diverse ethnic backgrounds, as well as many general scholarships.

מלגת סיוע כלכלי ועידוד מצוינות אקדמית לסטודנטים מהפריפריה

הגשת מועמדות למלגה מטעם דיקנאט הסטודנטים לסטודנטים העתידים להתחיל תואר ראשון בשנה"ל תשפ"ב