Financial Aid Scholarships from the Office of the Dean of Students

Who can apply for this scholarship?

Undergraduate students at the University of Haifa only (not its extensions) who meet the following basic criteria:

  • Students in good academic standing in the undergraduate studies: When checking academic standing, all years of undergraduate study will be considered, even if the student switched majors.
  • Student status of “regular student”: Students in their freshman year who are either new immigrants with fewer than 10 years in Israel or members of a minority who were accepted conditionally because of the Hebrew language proficiency exam will, for this purpose, be considered “regular students.”
  • Course load: Registered over the year for courses worth 30 credits, except for students in structured programs with a course load set by their departments where registration cannot exceed 75% of full-time studies of the structured curriculum. Students beginning their studies at the start of the second semester or a summer semester must take courses worth at least 15 credits each semester.
  • Academic achievements: For returning students in a single major track or in the law track with a double major, the requirement is cumulative grades for courses worth at least 30 credits from the previous year and a grade average from the previous year of at least 80 in both departments.

    For double majors, grades for cumulative courses worth at least 30 credits from the previous year and a grade average from the previous year of at least 80 in both departments.

  • First year students: A raw score of at least 575 on the psychometric exam, except students accepted without a psychometric exam (Afik Ma’avar / excelling Mechina / outstanding Matriculation scores), who are required to attach the appropriate documentation.
  • Socioeconomic situation making aid necessary: Scholarship applicants’ cumulative socioeconomic points are relative to their individual situation.

Note: Students who do not meet any one of these criteria will be rejected.

How to submit a scholarship application?

Students must proactively submit a scholarship application via the internet every academic year at the student portal located on the university’s homepage (tab “Forms and printouts – application for Dean of Students scholarship””).

Please note: New students can enter the portal only after making the advance tuition payment and receiving permission to enter it.

After filling out the scholarship application via the student portal and submitting the form, the system will issue applicants a list of documents they must provide to the Scholarship Department. This is an inseparable and indispensable part of the scholarship application process.

The document must be mailed via registered post to: The Office of the Dean of Students – Scholarship Department, University of Haifa, 199 Abba Houshi Blvd., Har Hacarmel, Haifa 3498838. Alternately, they may be submitted in person to the Scholarship Department office: Student House Building, room 313 (3rd floor).

Any scholarship application submitted without the necessary documents will not be processed.

When should scholarship applications should be submitted and what documents must be attached?

Students beginning their studies during the first semester submit their scholarship applications and documents from the beginning of August until two weeks after the start of the academic year (in 2020-2021 – November 1, 2020).

Students beginning their studies during the second semester or the summer semester submit their scholarship applications and documents one week before the start of the relevant semester until one week after the start of the semester.

What data determine scholarship eligibility?

Scholarship eligibility is determined on the basis of the applicants’ socioeconomic points based on their individual situation as explained below:

  • Points for gross income per capita based on the applicants’ economic and family situation (relevant documents must attest to this)
  • Points for special situations (relevant documents must attest to this): The number of people being supported in the students’ household; the students’ work; regular military or national service; reserve duty during the past year exceeding 14 consecutive or 18 cumulative days (for returning students); new immigrants within 10 years of arrival; new immigrants within 4 years of arrival who are without their families; lone students; first-degree family member ill with a serious disease (which may have ramifications for the family’s finances); a partner who is an undergraduate student or soldier in the regular army.

When are students informed of the Scholarship Committee’s decision?

Students who began their studies in the first semester and applied for a scholarship on time receive an answer by the end of the first semester break.

Students who began their studies in the second semester or the summer semester receive an answer by the middle of the relevant semester.

The answer to scholarship eligibility is sent by mail to your home address and by email to the email address listed in the university’s computer system.

How is the scholarship provided?

The Scholarship Department credits the students’ tuition accounts with the scholarship amount. If the tuition was fully paid ahead of time, the Tuition Department in the Student Administration Division will deposit the scholarship funds into the students’ bank accounts. It is necessary to ensure that your bank account information is up to date through the student portal at the “Tuition” tab.

The university makes every effort to raise funds from private donors and public institutions. To express our gratitude and appreciation for the donors, you will, once you receive the scholarship, be asked to write a letter to a donor and, if necessary, participate in a ceremony or meeting with donors during the course of the academic year.

Can the Scholarship Committee’s decision be appealed?

Students whose applications were rejected may submit an appeal. The appeal will be accepted only if the student has new data directly related to the reason the application was rejected of which the Scholarship Committee was not aware. The appeal must be submitted via a printed letter and include the relevant documents to the Scholarship Department within 10 days of receiving the rejection. The decision of the Appeals Committee is final and cannot be appealed.

Under what circumstances can the scholarship be revoked or reduced

  • A false report of data on the application
  • based on the directions of the university’s Disciplinary Authority (see Disciplinary Regulations, Chapter E, Paragraph 6.2).
  • Withdrawing from school, whether the decision is yours or the university’s
  • Changes in the socioeconomic or academic data during the course of the academic year.
  • Receipt of another scholarship or aid from the university or other sources, based on the principle of preventing double scholarships.
  • Failure to write a thank-you letter to a donor/not coming to a meeting with the donors, as required by the Scholarship Department.

Revocation or reduction of the scholarship is effected by the Tuition Department. Students must make sure to discharge their debts by the deadlines determined by the university.

*The scholarship amount is determined every year anew based on the scholarship budget. In 2017-2018, the scholarship was NIS 2,000 to NIS 3,000.

Students eligible for this scholarship who are enrolled in departments where the standard curriculum lasts 3.5 years (Law–single major, Occupational Therapy, Communication Disorders) will receive 50% of the scholarship amount determined for that year in their standard final year of studies.