The Access for All Program

Access for All creates an innovation connection between the university and the population at large, between the source of power and public knowledge and the populations that cannot access this source any other way.
As part of the program, the university opens its doors to disadvantaged members of society and allows them to acquire a critical practical education in an academic environment. Program members, adults referred by welfare and education authorities, participate in a weekly intorductory class adapted to them and taught by one of the students participating in the program.

Scope of activity:
10 weekly hours.
Scholarship amount: Law and Psychology students earn 6 academic points for participating in the program.
Students in medical and paramedical programs receive a NIS 7,000 scholarship for participating in the program.

Criteria for submitting your candidacy:*
• Students from the Psychology, Law, Nursing, Medicine, Biology, Communications Disorders, Physiotherapy departments
• Second-year+ students

Program Components:
Student-facilitators participate in a year-long academic course designed to train and prepare them for teaching, and discusses examining, formulating, and strengthening social commitment; at the same time, student-facilitators teach once a week. Student-facilitators, supervices by a pedagogical team and represetatives of the welfare authority responsible for referring the students.
The Access for All website is http://unibaam.org.il/
For more information, you may email us at joinhaifa@unibaam.org.il
or call us at the office at 04-8249072