Federman Dorms

3-room apartments, 2 students per room. Every apartment has a fully equipped kitchen (refrigerator, electric cooktop, cupboards), a dining nook, and a shared bathroom and shower. Every student receives a bed, a 2-door closet, a desk, and an office chair. All rooms are air conditioned.

Rental for the 2019-2020 academic year is approximately NIS 720 per month,* excluding electricity.<48/>In special cases, singles are available in the Federman Dorms for NIS 860 per month, excluding electricity.<49/>Rental for the 2020-2021 academic year for a double will be approximately NIS 750 per month* and for a single NIS 895 per month,* excluding electricity.

*Rental is linked to the cost of living index calculated in May 2020, but will not be less that the amounts stipulated above.

Federman Dorms residents will be charged for electricity based on the reading of the electric meter in every apartment; this occurs every other month.

The charge is divided among the apartment residents based on the amount of time each resident spent in the apartment.