The Psychological Counseling Unit offers diverse subsidized therapies for students and faculty to help them cope with difficulties and distress based on academic, personal, or other issues.

The Psychological Counseling Unit provides therapy for emotional difficulties typical to students, such as:

  • poor self-image and lack of self-confidence;
  • doubts about intimate relationships, difficulties in finding a partner, and relationship problems;
  • emotional crises leading to depression and anxiety;
  • a lack of tools for dealing with avoidance and procrastination so as to allow students to realize their full academic potential.
  • The particular anxieties for which the unit offers counseling include: test anxiety, social anxiety, public appearance anxiety, and more;
  • feeling not in control of life and inability to cope with stressful situations.

Messages, events, and conferences

The Psychological Counseling Unit is here for you also during the summer break.
You may contact us between 8 AM and 3 PM.

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Unit services

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 Unit activites:

Therapy is provided throughout the academic year and also during the semester break, summer break, and holidays.
Therapy is provided Sundays through Thursday, from 8 AM until 7 PM.
The unit operates thanks to the generosity ofthe Ron Adler Foundation.

Unit audience:

The unit offers psychological treatment by experienced therapists to students and the public at large, including adolescents.
The unit schedules more than 250 therapy appointments every week.

Patient confidentiality:

Full confidentiality applies to any and all information provided during the referral process. No information will be submitted to any party within or outside the university without the patient’s express agreement, including a signed confidentiality waiver form.
The unit is located in the dorm area and at a private clinic in the Carmel Center to provide as much privacy as possible.


The unit’s staff can be consulted by making an appointment between 8 AM and 3 PM.
In an emergency after 4 PM, we advise you contact the senior duty officer in the Security Unit at tel. 04-8240340 (internal line: 52340) or 04-8240360 (internal line: 52360).

Please note:
This page is still under construction!

You may contact the unit by phone at
04-8249334, internal line: 53334) or 04-8249868 (internal line: 53868
by email: mclini@univ.haifa.ac.il