Volunteering for Academic Credit

Undergraduate students?
Come volunteer and be eligible for academic credit!

Undergraduate students only who engage in community service as defined by the University’s criteria for 4 hours per week during the entire academic year (for a total of 112 hours) are eligible for 4 academic credits on a one-time basis during the course of their undergraduate studies.

Students in a joint program (such as the Law Faculty) can earn only 2 academic credits.

How do you join?

  • In the booklet below, you’ll find the various organizations and projects approved by the Community Service Committee.
  • Every student may apply to any project via the people listed as being in charge.
  • If you join a project, you must, before starting your involvement, ask for an official letter from the organization that includes your personal information and academic department, when your volunteering starts, and what your contribution consists of; submit this letter to the office of your academic department to receive its agreement/authorization and its stamp; and finally bring the authorization and stamped letter to the Office of the Dean of Students for executing registration in practice.
  • During your volunteering period, you must fill out a weekly activity report and have it signed by the person in the organization/project in charge of student activity.
  • At the end of your volunteering period, you must submit the organization’s confirmation letter to the Office of the Dean of Students; this document must specify the volunteering activity that took place during the course of the academic year. In addition, submit your weekly activity reports and the feedback form about your volunteering filled out by the organization. (The forms appear at the end of the booklet.)
  • Your transcript will state: Community Service – completed 4 credits 

Please note:

  • Receiving academic credit for volunteering activity requires the written approval of your academic department before you begin to volunteer.
  • The academic credit for the activity is subject to the normal terms of payment.

For more information contact the Office of the Dean of Students, tel. 04-8240335/4 (internal line 52335/4).

Required documents and forms:

File: 2020-2021 Booklet of Organizations and Projects
2020-2021 form for reporting hours
2019-2020 form for reporting hours
Feedback form about volunteering – for the organization
Feedback form about volunteering – for the student