Tips and Useful Guides

Writing your résumé

Your résumé is your personal marketing document that present your relevant experience and capabilities with regard to a specific position. The document represents you. It is therefore important to make sure it is organized, focused, and to the point. Also, don’t forget to proofread it.

Preparing for job search

Good preparation for looking and finding a hob can help present your strengths relevant to a position, explain the gaps and challenges you face with regard to the position, and present your interest in the job (it’s important that both you and your interviewers are clear on this). Good preparation involves in-depth knowledge of yourself, the job, and the organization.

Preparing for job interviews

Before any job interview, it’s important that you understand the job offered and what it entails; you need to identify the skills, capabilities, and characteristics needed to do it well. Try to answer the following question: “What is needed to do this job?” This can help you think in terms of the pluses you could bring to the job, identify your weaknesses relative to it and ways to overcome them, and give honest reasons for your interest in the position.