Tutorials represent the Academic Excellence Unit’s primary form of assistance. The goal of the tutorials are the help students understand and process the material, engage in academic writings, focused preparation for tests and exams, and so on.

Every undergraduate students is entitled to 50 tutorials per year at a symbolic cost: 20 during the first semester, 20 during the second semester, and 10 during the summer semester. The tutorials are provided by the Academic Excellence Unit’s tutors and take place on campus only, in either one-to-one or small group (up to three students) settings.

The large tutor pool available to the Academic Excellence Unit is uniquely suited to the students’ needs and requirements. The tutors are themselves students (undergraduate, graduate, and PhD candidates) in excellent academic standing, and some lead tutorials for lecturers in various departments. They view this work as a challenge, and their goal is to improve the students’ knowledge of the material being studied and contribute to their academic success.

Students who’d like to avail themselves of the tutorial system for the first time are invited for a chat with the academic counselors. 

After the counselors get to know the students and refer them to the most suitable tutor, students can ask for further tutorials using the online form: Application for tutorial

The following day, students may come to the office of the Academic Excellence Unit or call to arrange for payment.