The AcadeMedia channel is an initiative of the Academic Excellence Unit, the Office of the Dean of Students at the University of Haifa, which was produced by the academic studio and the Online Teaching Unit at the University of Haifa.

The Academic Excellence Unit works to promote success and excellence with various services and projects provided to the University’s student body. One of the Unit’s flagship projects has to do with academic writing. To promote academic writing, the Academic Excellence Unit established the Academic Writing Center, which offers individual help with writing regular class papers and seminar papers, initial focused advice, advice on statistics, and academic writing workshops.

In the spirit of this goal, the Unit also founded the AcadeMe channel, which merges academics with media to provide online training and tools on reading and writing academic texts via video clips dealing with the essential topics to help students achieve academic success:

  • Reading articles and essays
  • Rules of academic writing
  • Rules of bibliographies
  • Choosing a topic for a seminar paper
  • Writing and theoretical seminar paper
  • Writing a quantitative seminar paper
  • Writing a qualitative seminar paper
  • Seminar paper in Law
  • Academic ethics