General Information

The dorms are intended for Students in preparatory (“Mechina”), BA, MA, and Ph.D programs at the University of Haifa only.

There are dorms for single and married students, and there are special dorms for disabled students.

There is also an option for students from abroad and for guests of the department at the University of Haifa to live in the dorms, subject to approval by the dorms.

Students from abroad can also live in the dorms if they are registered in the International School at the University of Haifa.

The dorms offer a number of services: parking lots, computer classrooms, personal mailbox, laundry rooms, student clubs, minimarket, Pub, synagogue, access to high-speed internet connection, etc.

Internet connection-There are internet WIFI services in all of the apartment in the dorms, with additional charge. 

Types of Dormitories

6 room apartments
2 students per room
The students share a kitchen, a bathroom and a living room

6 room apartments
1 student per room
The students share a kitchen, a bathroom and a living room

For B.A. students – 6 room apartments and for MA and Ph.D. students – 3 room apartments 1 student per room with private bathroom (Occupancy in a 3 room apartment based on availability

Located outside the university at Shikma Str. , Haifa, 20 minutes by bus.
2 students share a one room apartment, which includes kitchen and living room.

In the Talia Apartments there are several guest apartments intended mostly for visiting faculty and guests of the university.



Type of Dorm


Monthly  Rent

Federman / Shikma  – Single room (for single student)

Federman – With roommate (for single student)




Britania (for single students)



Talia (for single students)



Talia (for couple)



Shikma (for couple)



Shikma two rooms (for couple)      860$

*Please note that rates may change


(Internal Tel.: 53931)

Dormitories and Housing
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Sunday-Thursday 08:00-14:00