Reserve Duty

Help extended to students returning from reserve duty.

The University of Haifa does all in its power to help students coming back from reserve duty to return to school and students who are also parents of children under 13 whose partners are doing reserve duty.

The accommodations and services are provided against the submission of a reserve duty confirmation letter.

The academic accommodations are provided by the departments/faculties (except for annual academic credits, which are given by the Office of the Dean of Students); other services are provided by the Office of the Dean of Students; and some benefits are provided by the Student Union.

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The Reserve Duty Coordination Committee

Students called into the active reserves when classes are being held may submit an application to the Reserve Duty Coordination Committee to have their active reserve duty cancelled/ shortened/ split/ postponed.

The application is submitted directly to the Reserve Duty Coordination Committee.

For information about eligibility, submitting an application, and handling other procedures, enter the reserve duty website.