Students from the Ethiopian Community

The Unit offers extensive aid to undergraduate students from the Ethiopian community.

Academic encouragement:

  • A unique academic prep program
  • Personal mentorships
  • Individualized tutorials
  • Remedial classes
  • Personal advice on study habits (with extensive financing)
  • Workshops

Personal encouragement:

  • Personal academic counseling
  • Counseling on choosing major, a profession, and integration into the workplace (with extensive financing)
  • Psychotherapy (with extensive financing)
  • Diagnosis of learning disabilities / attention disorders (with extensive financing)

Economic encouragement:

  • Financing travel cards (“hofshi hodshi”)
  • Help paying dorm rent
  • Photocopying card
  • Unique scholarships

Assistance to members of the Ethiopian community during the University acceptance process:

In accordance with the University directors’ policy on accepting students from the Ethiopian community under less stringent conditions than normal, the Academic Excellence Unit oversees the registration of these candidates to the University. Criteria for submitting your candidacy:

  1. Members of the Ethiopian community eligible for a matriculation certificate with a minimal psychometric score of 400.
  2. Members of the Ethiopian community who are highly motivated to study (on the basis of a personal interview).
  3. Some departments require entrance exams/group dynamics/a personal interview.

The candidates must meet these requirements to be accepted into the department.

The final decisions on acceptance to school are made by the departments.

For University of Haifa students studying with the help of unique scholarship, the Academic Excellence Unit operates the Delta Program:

The University of Haifa in conjunction with Delta Galilee operates a unique program to advance students from the Ethiopian community by encouraging higher education. The program accepts students who submit their candidacy in response to a public notice published once a year.
Every year, the University selects between 15 and 20 students to receive a support package that includes: a laptop computer, an annual living stipend, study strategies, leadership and rhetorical skills, preparation for the workplace, financial management, and more.

For more information, please contact:

Angeline Lapman, Academic Counselor for Students from the Ethiopian Community
tel. 04-8240735
Office: Student House Bldg., 2nd floor, room 215