Other financial aid scholarships

Discharged soldiers

The Ron Adler Fund for Ex-Combat Unit Servicemen

“From Uniform to University” Scholarship

The Joseph S. and Caroline Gruss Life Monument Fund for Assistance to I.D.F. Ex-servicemen 

IMPACT for students who are in combat reserves

HESEG Foundation for Former Lone Soldiers

Full tuition scholarship for the first year for ex-servicemen residing in the country’s social and geographical periphery

The Zevik Sommerfeld Memorial Fund for members of the Paratroopers Recon Unit


The Bnai Ma’aruf Fund for Druze students

The Education Ministry’s scholarship for Druze and Circassian students

The Salim Shoufi Memorial Fund for Druze students who have completed national/civilian/military service

Scholarships for Bedouin students

The Irteka Fund for Arab, Druze, and Circassian students


The Fattal Foundation for students in the Faculty of Law

Moshal Scholarshio for students in Computer Sciences and Information Systems Department


The Susan Goldstein Memorial Fund

Scholarships of the Community Involvement Unit

Israel Scholarship Education Foundation (ISEF)

Ministry of Education Scholarships

Milagpo – scholarships partly funded by the National Student Association

Single mothers

Katzir Scholarship Fund for Single Mothers

Motza Groups

The Paula and Herman Marks Fund for students from the Ethiopian community

The HIAS Fund for new immigrant students

The Maccabi Foundation for students from the Iranian community (first- and second-generation)

The Salti Foundation for students of Jewish Sephardic descent

The Alrov Fund for students who are the first generation in their families to go to university and for new immigrant students