Leaving the dorms

Leaving dorm / extending dorm contract to cover the summer: The dorm rental contract ends on June 30 of every year. A resident leaving before the contract expires (a violation of the contract) will be charged for rent and a fine equivalent to two weeks of rent as specified in the contract (see “Contract”; the formulation is general and subject to change based on the dorm management’s decisions).

Extending dorm contract: Residents have the option of extending the dorm contract to cover the summer, i.e. from July 1 to August 29 of the same year. During this period, the rental fees will be about 10% higher than it is during the academic year. A contract extension is contingent on the dorm administration’s approval. Residents living in the dorms over the summer who are accepted to the next academic year will be able to live in the dorms without interruption.

Collecting dorm rent: Dorm rent can only be paid by a standing bank order and is collected on the 10th of every month. Changes in the date of collection may occur, in which case dorm residents will be informed.

Please note: The dorm rental is linked to the cost of living index, though it will not be lower than the base fee set.