Excellence for freshmen undergraduates based on raw psychometric score of 600-699

Excellence for freshmen undergraduates based on raw psychometric score of 600-699 accepted into one of the departments making them eligible for an excellence scholarship as detailed in the following link:


The scholarship is provided only to new students for who the 2020-2021 academic year is their first year of studies at the University of Haifa provided they are students at the University itself rather than its extensions.

Students who were registered in one way or another to study at the University of Haifa but did not complete their studies are not eligible for the scholarship.

Similarly, students registered in a specific goal-oriented program or a program financed by an employer are not eligible for the scholarship. Eligibility is identified by the university based on an examination of several basic criteria.

Scholarship amount: An excellence scholarship of up to 50% or 35% of the basic tuition cost is provided to students based on their department of study and psychometric score as described in the link. The scholarship amount is determined in relation to the student’s tuition cost. Students accepted to two departments making them eligible for a scholarship will receive only one. Students identified as eligible will be notified in the first weeks after the start of the semester. The scholarship is given only to freshmen students.

Community Service: Receipt of the scholarship is contingent on community service of 25 hours per year. Students starting their studies in the second semester will volunteer for 12.5 hours.
Exemptions: Students in therapeutic departments in the Welfare and Health Sciences Faculty for ever year in which they do practical work/fieldwork studies as part of their departments’ curricula.

Donor Relations: 

The university makes every effort to raise funds from private donors and public institutions to encourage academic excellence. To express our gratitude and appreciation for the donors, scholarship recipients must write a letter to a donor and, if necessary, participate in a ceremony or meeting with donors during the course of the academic year.

The Scholarship Department credits the students’ tuition accounts with the scholarship amount. If the tuition was fully paid ahead of time, the Tuition Department in the Student Administration Division will deposit the scholarship funds into the students’ bank accounts. Students must therefore update their bank account information via the student portal, tab “Tuition.”

Cases in which an excellence scholarship is reduced or revoked:

  • Based on the directions of the university’s Disciplinary Authority (see Disciplinary Regulations)
  • Withdrawing from school, whether the decision is yours or the university’s
  • Failure to meet a basic criterion due to changes in the total tuition fee
  • Failure to write a thank-you letter to the donor/not coming to a meeting with donors, as required by the Scholarship Department.
  • Failure to fulfill community service, fully or in part, a scholarship condition.
  • Revocation or reduction of the scholarship is effected by the Tuition Department. Students must make sure to discharge their debts by the deadlines determined by the university.

This scholarship has been approved for the 2020-2021 academic year only/ Changes to the above criteria are possible