The Ron Adler Fund for Ex-Combat Unit Servicemen

The Ron Adler Fund provides scholarship of appreciation up to basis tuition costs for students who completed full military service in good standing and served in the paratroopers or other combat units and are now undergraduate students at the University of Haifa only (not its extensions).

1. Discharged soldiers from the IDF’s lines of combat (combat and combat-supporting troops).
2. Second year of studies (or thrid year of a four(or more)-year program.

In looking at the candidates for this scholarship, preference will be given to ex-servicemen and women in the paratroopers whose economic situation requires assistance.

Submitting your candidacy to the Foundation requires submitting a Dean of Students scholarship application via the student portal (tab “Forms and printouts – application for Dean of Students scholarship”).
from August and until two weeks after the start of the academic year.

In addition to an approval of the scholarship request, students must attach a letter to the Fund and documents proving service in a combat unit as a combat/combat support soldier as per the Fund’s requirements.

The scholarship is not intended for students whose tuition is covered by any other party.

Receipt of the scholarship is contingent of community service of at least 25 hours during the academic years.

For the Fund website, click here.