The Raveh-Ravid Fund for Excellence and Social Leadership

The Raveh-Ravid Fund operates a leadership program designed to nurture a new generation of young, socially-aware leaders. The program is intended for outstanding students with social awareness, experience in the social arena, and leadership abilities.  

 The fund’s leadership program operates according to “the developing model” in which students experience community service and initiate social projects to acquire personal and professional tools. 

Scope of activity: 4-6 weekly hours throughout the year

Scholarship amount:
First year of activity: NIS 12,000
Second year of activity: NIS 14,000
Third year of activity and onwards: NIS 16,000

*Students accepted by the fund will be able to submit a participation request also for advanced degrees (MA and PhD).

Program Components:

  • An enrichment program that includes: Workshops, lectures, meetings with key figures in industry, guided tours, and participation in conferences (in Israel and abroad).
  • Community service based on “the developing model”:
    First year:  Community service in one of three organizations working in conjunction with the fund (NGO HaGal Sheli, the Leo Baeck High School Leadership Program in Haifa, and the Hapo’el Haifa Club)
    Second year:Task groups: professionalization in various fields (e.g. marketing, conference organizing, directing an alumni association, etc.)
    Third year and onwards: The social initiative stage 

Criteria for submitting your candidacy:

  • Second year, undergraduate program(in 2019-2020) in all of the university deparments, only
  • Annual grade average of 90 and above
  • Experience with social/community action: leading and participating in social projects
  • Experience with counseling (youth movements, the IDF, etc.)
  • Leadership, initiative, organizational, and execution skills
  • High degree of social consciousness and a desire to make a difference
  • Hebrew and English at a good or higher level

For more information >>Nkantarov@staff.haifa.ac.il

*Only qualified applicants will be answered.

For more information, visit the fund’s Facebook page