Leadership program for members of the Druze community

Leadership program for members of the Druze community

The program is run in conjunction with the Education Ministry’s Druze Sector Department. The program consists of community projects in Druze population centers in the Golan Heights, the Galilee, and the Carmel, together iwth schools, social services departments, and local and regional support centers.

The program runs year-round, 4 weekly hours/ 100 yearly hours.
Participating students receive an annual scholarship of NIS 5,000.

Criteria for submitting your candidacy:*

  • Participation in the evaluation and selection process
  • First-year undergraduate studies / second-year undergraduate studies / two years left to complete the degree program
  • Classes consisting of at least 75% of full-time status
  • Social consciousness
  • Experience with social/community action a plus
  • Leadership, organizational, and executional skills

The projects concentrate on three aspects of help:

  • Help with schoolwork for elementary and middle-school children with learning difficulties in group of inidividual settings
  • Support for children and adolescent from families being assisted by the Social Services Department
  • Help for children with special needs

For more information > > Informational booklet about the scholarship 2019-2020

*Only qualified applicants will be answered.

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