Community Involvement Program

The Community Involvement Program operates diverse projects. Students engage in community service in different community settings (NGOs, schools, community centers, etc.). The program’s goal is to introduce students to significant community service and allow them to gain first-hand experience with it. 

Contact us to find out where you can make your mark in 2019-2020!

Scope of activity: ~4 weekly hours / 110 annual hours
Scholarship amount: NIS 8,000

Criteria for submitting your candidacy:*

  • Second-year undergraduate studies or first-year graduate studies at the University of Haifa (two years left to complete degree)
  • Classes consisting of at least 75% of full-time status
  • Social consciousness and action
  • Proven experience in social/community activity a plus
  • Leadership, organizational, and executional skills
  • Commitment to significant community service for a two-year period
  • Unique criteria based on the different projects

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*Only qualified applicants will be answered.