The ISEF Foundation

The ISEF Foundation is an international educational foundation that has, since 1977, worked to reduce social and economic gaps in Israel by making higher education accessible to promising students from impoverished backgrounds. The organizations works to develop social awareness and action from our students’ own place of knowledge, ethics, and identity. Furthermore, ISEF is a Zionist organization that views its scholarship recipients’ commitment to the existence of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state a key value.

As we do every year, we hold a selection process for scholarship candidates to ensure that we accept future students in need of financial assistance who possess the potential for academic and personal excellence and come from Israel’s social, geographical, and economic periphery.

Lauren Azrad

Director of the Haifa and Jezreel Valley Program

Tel. 04-8240307


More information about registration and the selection process may be found here:

Get to know the foundation and its work: http://www.isef.org.il