The Jewish-Arab Community Leadership Program

The Jewish-Arab Community Leadership Program is a unique program for both Jewish and Arab students at the University of Haifa that runs in several faculties and academic departments.
The program’s overarching goal is to allow a multicultural encounter among students to create student leadership groups that will initiate projects in the dorms, on campus, and in the community.
The program is run in conjunction with and with the support of the German Friends Association of the University of Haifa and other foundations.

Students commit to 4 weekly hours/ 90 yearly hours.
Participating students receive an annual scholarship of NIS 8,000.

Criteria for submitting your candidacy:*

  • Participation in the evaluation and selection process
  • Second-year undergraduate studies / two years left to complete program
  • Classes consisting of at least 75% of full-time status
  • Social consciousness
  • Experience with social/community action a plus
  • Leadership, organizational, and executional skills

The program consists of two major components:

  • Training: Intercultural Leadership Workshop – a training program that is also a year-long academic course worth 4 academic points (The Mindscapes Program) on development intercultural leadership among Jewish and Arab students.
  • Community action: Work in the dorms, on campus, and in various community locations in the city of Haifa.
  • An opportunity to participate in delegations abroad
  • For dorm residents: You’ll be given the opportunity to do your community work in the dorms (limited number of spaces).

For more information > > Informational booklet “Jewish-Arab Leadership – 2019-2020

*Only qualified applicants will be answered.