120 annual hours

8000 NIS

BA students 2nd year onwards / MA students with at least 2 years to graduation

The House of Grace include youth groups, summer camps, and empowerment through voluntarism for our most at-risk population, boys and girls from the Arab community in Haifa. With our groups’ workshops for girls and boys we aim to heal the low self-esteem of youth pushed to the margins of the community and deal with issues that concern them and help them to find an aim for their future life.
House of Grace supports prisoners, Youth at Risk, Families in need as well as Holocaust survivors of all segments, religious and ethnic groups in Israeli society. In times where the political and social environment in Israel is changing drastically and intolerance towards the “other” increases, the House of Grace believes that dialogue is even more crucial than before. Personal stories can build bridges of sympathy to facilitate such processes.