Project Etgar

 Project Etgar is fundamentally a social and education endeavor of the Gruss Foundation in which students are integrated into challenging group and/or individual counseling positions with diverse groups, including at-risk children and adolescents, people with special needs, the elderly, and more.

Students commit to 2-3 weekly hours/ 70 yearly hours.
Participating students receive an annual scholarship of NIS 5,000 from the Joseph S. and Caroline Gruss Life Monument Fund for Assistance to I.D.F. Ex-servicemen.

Criteria for submitting your candidacy:

Students interested in submitting their candidacy to the project must meet the following criteria:

  • Participation in the evaluation and selection process
  • . Be a discharged soldiers (this includes national service) as defined in law within fiveyears since the completion of their regular service
  • Discharged soldiers who used up at least NIS 8,000 of the total deposit before submitting their candidacy
  • Regular students studying at least 12 hoursa week at the University of Haifa.
  • Students not receiving additional financial aid in excess of NIS 8,000 (ISEF Foundation, Impact, HESEG, Mifal Hapayis, Globes Group, and so on)
  • Students whose tuition is not covered by another party (including their parents’ place/s of employment)

Registration for the 2019-2020 academic year opens on September 10, 2019
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Informational booklet “Project Etgar (Gruss Foundation) – 2019-2020

*Only qualified applicants will be answered.