Science Tutorship
Students in the exact sciences tutor school students in mathematics, science and English

120 annual hours

9,000 NIS

BA / MA students

The science mentoring project named after the late Rona Ramon was established with the aim of bridging educational gaps among children and adolescents. The activity takes place by creating and emphasizing personal tutoring, believing that in this way to motivate and create real change. The tutoring takes place in grades four to twelve in the fields of science and English. The program is designed to make science studies accessible to high school students, especially in the periphery and among low-socio-economic populations, and to help students improve their grades. Throughout the years of the project, it has been proven that the social and academic connection between students and high school students helps in improving the academic achievements of high school students and increases their motivation - of both university and high school students - to expand their knowledge in science and technology.
Hatter Building, 3rd floor (room 311) University of Haifa