Our Students

I volunteer at the Education for Multiculturalism project that is part of the Jewish-Arab Leadership Program, where we organize workshops in mixed schools of Jews and Arabs. The city of Haifa creates room for discourse among youth from different cultures. During my volunteer work, I intend to foster an understanding in these young boys and girls that strives for peace and good neighborliness.


I volunteer at Suf el Nuf - a project that is part of the Jewish-Arab leadership Program; this is my second year in the program. We organize trips of coexistence that are rich with knowledge about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The trips take place in places related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict where the two sides (Jewish/Arab) learn about each other.

This is my second year with "Keeping in Touch" - a unique project that provides close telephone contact with senior citizens in western Haifa. My connection to the project occurred during the pandemic - a time when human connection was and still is crucial. One of the most vulnerable communities are senior citizens, and I find great value in making a warm connection with the elderly, in strengthening a sense of belonging to the community and in reducing loneliness. Volunteering with the project is a privilege to me and makes me realize time and time again how essential our contribution is to them.


I volunteer at the Druze-Women Entrepreneurship Project. I chose this project out of responsibility and concern for the fate of Druze women, which are members of my community. We are a small group of Druze students with big ambitions and common goals, which we hope to achieve together through building a project that aims to solve major problems in the life of the Druze woman.

My volunteering at Mityaalim goes really well. There is no pressure and no workload. The connection with management is very rewarding. They are kind and attentive; they always help me and know how to listen. The scholarship helps me a lot. It strengthens my language skills in Hebrew and teaches me how to meet deadlines. I learn to present to people and prepare presentations professionally. I am very happy to be a part of this scholarship 🙂

I chose to volunteer at Mityaalim with the desire to make knowledge and tools of proper financial management accessible to those who are unaware of their rights and various financial options.

I chose to volunteer at Mityaalim because there I can bring out my abilities and what I believe in. Due to my experience as a coach, I am not afraid to stand in front of an audience and present an idea. I think there is no better notion than to change attitudes regarding home economics. The thought that it is possible to change, even slightly, the perspective of people on their economic choices gives me great hope to be able to improve the situation for many.

I volunteer at Queen B - an educational-technological association that aims to promote female representation in high-tech. As part of the program, students teach eighth- and ninth-grade students how to code, and at the end of the year, the girls build their own WEB app in a huge Hackathon for girls. I strongly believe in Queen B's philosophy. Many women find it difficult to reach the high-tech world due to lack of encouragement from the environment that thinks it has no room for women. So I was very happy to join the program and serve as an instructor. I saw an opportunity to influence young girls and show them the importance and beauty in programming. They need to know that they too are capable and worthy to fulfil their dreams.